Helen Frankenthaler Foundation

Catalogue Raisonné

In early 2017, the Foundation announced the appointment of Douglas Dreishpoon as Director of the Helen Frankenthaler Catalogue Raisonné for the Helen Frankenthaler Catalogue Raisonné, LLC. This marked the launch of an important long-term project to assemble a catalogue raisonné that encompasses Frankenthaler’s paintings on canvas and paper, ceramics, sculpture, tapestry, and works in mediums other than prints, which the LLC intends to produce in both print and digital editions. Dr. Dreishpoon will also serve as Editor of the publication.


In 2018, Jessie Sentivan joined as Project Manager of the Helen Frankenthaler Catalogue Raisonné.

In 2019 Stephanie Khoury and Rachael Pullin joined the team as Project Associates to the Catalogue Raisonné.


Owners of works in the above mediums believed to be by Helen Frankenthaler are encouraged to visit www.helenfrankenthalercr.org for further details.